Workshops available in 2019

Workshops must be scheduled in advance and are subject to availability on given dates.

Hemp paper workshop

This do-it-yourself workshop aims to provide participants with the knowledge necessary to create a sheet of hemp paper. It is thought as the beginning of a training and artistic path to which participants can give their creative contribution.

Workshop program:

- introduction to hemp fiber;

- presentation and preparation of tools and materials;

- techniques to make hemp paper from hemp fiber;

- evaluation of the session, sharing of information and designing projects to be carried out at home.

Hemp as a building material workshop

In this interactive workshop, you will learn important recipes to mix hemp with a lime based binder to produce Hempcrete and learn about shuttering. tamping and safety when using.

Workshop program:

- introduction to hemp shives;

- presentation of hempcrete recipes;

- preparing ingredients, safety measures; 

- hempcrete mixing,  shuttering and tamping;

- conclusion • comments • next steps.