For a fairer society and a better environment!

Obelisk Farm's awareness of evolving in a sustainable manner, at an economic, social, and environmental level, is deeply rooted in the farm principles. Our commitment to sustainability is guided by our values and dictates the way we do business. Taking this into consideration, we have created Obelisk Farm & Friends - a non for profit project with the objective of taking actions of social solidarity and environmental sustainability. Involvement with the local community. We believe that we have a duty to be socially responsible, and should take an active role in supporting causes that help those who need it most.  In view of the growing need for awareness of environmental issues, we develop environmentally responsible projects. It aims to provoke a new look at our habits, favoring the search for new perspectives of action, and encouraging individual and collective actions aimed at the collective conscience and sustainability.

If you feel connected with the project Obelisk Farm & Friends and would like to cooperate, share your ideas with us.