Hemp school online has been created with the aim of building a virtual, non-formal education space linked to hemp.
Our desire is to share practical knowledge about industrial hemp. The pillars of this virtually hemp school are based on sharing knowledge and experience.

More activities will be added in the autumn of 2021.


Hemp paper online workshop 


It is always a thrill learning something new by doing, especially when it’s usable in your daily life and gives you a little something to showcase to your friends and family. This online do-it-yourself workshop aims to provide participants with the knowledge necessary to create a sheet of hemp paper. It is thought of as the beginning of a training and artistic path to which participants can give their creative contribution.

Location: Online

About the Instructors: Andris is an experienced hemp farmer, trainer, and he is Obelisk Farm's co-founder.  

This online workshop is available in English, Latvian, Portuguese, and German.

Workshop content:

  • Introduction to hemp fiber;

  • Presentation and preparation of tools and materials.

  • Techniques to make hemp paper from hemp fiber.

  • Evaluation of the session, sharing of information, and designing projects to be carried out further.


You can register for single or multiple-day events using the following steps:

  1. Use the workshop registration calendar to select a date/time/language most convenient to you.

  2. After registering in the session you want to enroll, proceed with payment for the workshop.

  3. All participants who have completed their registration and paid the registration fee will receive a link and given further information about the workshop. The link is typically sent out 24 hours before the session.

online consultation

Are you interested in growing hemp? Do you want to start your own hemp business, but not sure where to begin? Do you have an existing hemp farm business that needs help in any area? If yes, then a consultation with us is exactly the solution you’ve been looking for. We offer a consultation specific to your needs, interests, and goals.

How does it work?

  1. Interact with us via video platform whenever is convenient for you, wherever you are! Book your consultation by filling in the form. We will then contact you as soon as we can.
  2. Each consultation carries a flat fee of only 25€ that should be paid in advance here.
  3. The duration of an online consultation is 60 minutes. A free 10 minutes will be added, if necessary.
  4. We can connect with you in different languages: English, Latvian, Russian and Portuguese.

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