Take a walking tour around the farm and explore how we grow hemp and turn it into useful products. The 1-hour tour costs 5€ / per person and includes:

  • tour around the farm (in the summer a walking tour around the hemp fields),
  • interactive presentation of Obelisk Farm story and hemp,
  • tastings samples of hemp products,
  • visit the hemp museum, 
  • visit the hemp shop.



It's always a thrill learning something new, especially when it's usable in your daily life or gives you a little something to showcase to your friends. Our philosophy is to present thematic, exclusive and relaxed sessions, to those who love hemp or who decided to learn more about this plant. Workshops available: hemp paper & hemp as building material costs 5€ / per person.



We love to share great hemp food with others. If you've never experienced one of our tastings we promise a life-changing experience! Yep, we just said that. Find out more about hemp while tasting hemp products. The cost is 5€ / per person and includes:

  • hemp milk making demonstration and tasting,
  • unlimited tasting of hemp peanut butter, hemp bars, hemp oil, hemp seeds, hemp protein powder, and hemp tea.


The hemp museum opened on 1st May 2019 and its the first museum of its kind in Latvia. Read more >


The hemp school is meant to provide participants with the most up-to-date knowledge available to all the key aspects of industrial hemp. Read more >


If you are looking for something unique to present to your students, colleagues or guests, look no further! We provide on-site training that is a great way to learn about hemp at a location of your choice, on a date that is convenient for you.  Contact us with your inquiries and for pricing information.