The farm is our home and the home of many hemp plants we grow here. We are a small family farm dedicated to producing healthy, wholesome hemp foods. We believe in slow, sustainable, organic farming and are driven by these philosophies.

We are also an agri-tourism destination that welcomes every year locals, travelers, foodies, and hemp enthusiasts.

We spent the last years restoring several farm buildings and we have transformed them into a hemp school, hemp museum, and hemp shop.

We give hemp tours and educational courses, and celebrate hemp life inside and outside the farm.  


We are Andris, Débora, Gabriela and Fredis. And we're the close and kindred souls who help make Obelisk Farm a unique venture.

Each of us is indispensable in creating the transformative power of the farm. Together, we work toward the vision of a future in which humans live as an inseparable part of nature. This vision plays out in everyday acts: growing the hemp products you’ll find in our online or farm store, guiding our visitors, hosting and participating in events, and bringing to life our hemp gatherings.

Our Journey

Where it all began

We started the farm in 2017, and since then we've dedicated our lives to growing, and creating with hemp while educating others about the uses and benefits of the hemp plant. Nestled in the eastern part of Latvia, in the Latgale region, our farm is bursting with hemp that reflects our intention of living a life connected with nature.  At a point in our lives, we felt a need to be more connected to nature. So in, 2014, our family left the hustle of city life in London and move to a small village called Obeliškas. We were pursuing a slower, simpler life that would connect us with nature every day.

Growing for the future

Wondering what we could do on our land, we come across an extraordinary plant: hemp. The first seeds were sown in 2016, and after many trials and errors, we became confident enough to grow and produce hemp products. Soon, word got out about our hemp farm, and people we didn’t yet know began asking if they could order our products and visit our farm. From that moment, we felt that we had found our calling. We wanted to devote ourselves to growing hemp because we believe we have a responsibility to protect Mother Earth by growing her most sustainable plant to help create a better now and tomorrow.‍

Setting the bar high

What started as a small hemp farm has flourished into a blossoming business, specializing in producing wholesome hemp products and giving others the tools and information they need about industrial hemp. Discovering the way as we go, we’re letting hemp lead in all that we do. In this way of thinking, the plant is both teacher and co-conspirator in a shift of consciousness toward wonder, abundance, and reciprocity. It's changeful, but we love that. 

Looking forward

Every day, we're reminded of why we've started the farm: to be able to live connected to nature and to create hemp products while educating others about hemp. With many years of hemp farming behind our family, we hope our long-standing commitment to doing what's right for the land and people allow us to do what we love for generations to come.


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